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Live Demonstration Tape

by Lidské Zdroje

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Go Away 02:45
GO AWAY Your words keep me awake at night Thinking till the morning light You didn't say “yes”, did not say “no” You just said you did not know You didn't say “stay”, did not say “leave” Just “let's wait and see” But waiting is for fools, it rarely brings you anywhere Those who want too much are left with nothing in the end I'd like to stay strong, ignore the truth, believe in hope, but girl I can't It's not “yes”, it's not “no” It's that agonising “I don't know” It's not “stay”, it's not “leave” It's just “let's wait and see” But waiting is for fools, it rarely brings you anywhere I ain't no fool We're two lonesome stray dogs in an unfamiliar place Protecting our backs, scared to get hurt, a will to survive, hiding tails Love is a crash, an exploding bomb Love is a sudden outbreak of storm Love is a thing that you have to feel It either comes fast or it never will That's why waiting is for fools, it rarely brings you anywhere I ain't no fool. So I go away.
BRAND NEW START If I believed I'd swear right to the god above That the stars won't die for me 'cause you refused my love Honey you are not the first one, probably not the last I guess I've already learned how to recover fast I'm goin' on... even though it's hard Well, it's not the end, it's a brand new start You knew not what you wanted but I knew it well So I told you how I want you (then) from the clouds I fell Right down into the deepest pool of stinky mud My knees, my soul both drenched in blood I'm goin' on... with a broken heart 'Cause it's not the end, it's a brand new start Now I'm waitin' for a train To take me away from you And I'm laughing at the pain Now I have better things to do, now I have much better things to do This life's a funny game and it is now my turn Today I'm gonna blow it up and watch it burn I was locked up in a room with emotions I can't share but I smash the window open and see there's a world out there I'm goin' on... 'cause a broken heart Is never the end, it's a brand new start, it's a brand new fuckin' start, yeah! I'm goin' on.
FRUSTRATING TIMES I was looking for some peace of mind but all I found was cigs and booze I've been looking for some love but everyone just wants to screw I've been looking for attention, for some genuine affection But all that's left are superficial talks and physical attraction Listening to UK Subs, staring at the wall No use for a mobile phone when no-one's gonna call me anyway I want no more of these lies Let's put an end to these frustrating times I've been looking for some friendship but all I got were evil jokes Forced smiles and cold handshakes, and I lost my tape of Circle Jerks I've been looking for some action but got paralysed by fear I've been looking for some fun but "Work! Work! Work!" is all I hear
Shit Matters 02:53
SHIT MATTERS I wish my mind to be finally free but those pictures of you they just won't let me be They keep following me everywhere all the time even though that I know you will never be mine No matter how hard I try I'm still confused And I can't help the feeling of having been used There are three and a half billion girls in this world but none of them ever has made me feel so hurt So don't tell me that you love me Because if you did I wouldn't be sitting here alone writing this shit Stay away from those lovers who don't know what they want You might sacrifice everything for them but they won't They wish to have all there is and in the end they want none They just kiss you and smash you against a wall and then they're gone At the end of the day shit matters I should've known from the start you're like all the others Cheating and searching for a little peace of mind Forever in quest of what you'll never find Get out of my mind Get out of my mind (soul) Get out of my brain This friendship's turned to nightmare and I never want to go through this again
ICH ERWARTE NIX MEHR Ich erwarte nix mehr - von diesem Land und Stadt Ich erwarte nix mehr - ich hab die Scheisse satt Ich erwarte nix mehr - von dir noch von mir selbst Ich erwarte nix mehr - von dem was du mir erzählst Liebe oder Freundschaft - Ich erwarte nix mehr! Fremde wie Familie - Ich erwarte nix mehr! Arbeit oder AMS - dieselbe Scheisse, derselbe Stress Frag mich gar nicht wie's mir geht weil ich erwarte nix mehr Ich erwarte nix mehr! Ich habs endlich mal verstanden und erwarte nix mehr! Gesellschaftsideal - Ich erwarte nix mehr! Zukunftsparadies - Ich erwarte nix mehr! Nüchtern oder stock besoffen - so wie so ist mir zum kotzen Frag mich gar nicht wie's mir geht weil ich erwarte nix mehr Sandler, Kapitalisten - Ich erwarte nix mehr! Panker, Anarchisten - Ich erwarte nix mehr! Veganer oder Leichenfresser - jeder sticht in mich sein Messer Erwarte nix von mir weil auch ich erwarte nix mehr Ich erwarte nix mehr - von dem Leben, von der Welt Ich erwarte nix mehr - ich versauf jetz mein ganzes Geld Und wenn du morgen kommst und mich fragst Wie's mir geht und "Is alles klar?" Die Antwort wird sich wohl nicht ändern
TELL ME WHAT YOU GOT I hadn't thought it would ever happen I couldn't believe that was true We'd have teased each other like crazy Until I got real close to you Then it felt like a sick man's dream - a little romantic and a little obscene And neither of us knew just what to do So sure it could not last too long before everything went worse than wrong Because your heart was split in two Now could you tell me what you got? When most of the time you're more alone than not And I wish that I could see inside How does it feel with no-one sleeping by your side Could you still count all the teardrops that you cried out in the morning of another lonely night? Are you sure about all things that you decide? What's on your mind when you look me in the eyes? What is it that has made us hypnotised? I don't believe that this flame ever dies But maybe one day I will realise...
CALL IT FANTASY Oh honey give me a remote control And switch the channel 'cause I've seen it all Still I can't stop watching, my mind's stuck to the set Come press the button and switch off my head I can only see one face and that face is yours I've seen it a million times and it's just getting worse Sometimes I wake up all alone at night I cuddle to the pillow and hope we'll be alright... Go! It ain't no fun to be the other one You don't get what you want You don't get what you want when you're the other one You never get what you want when you're the other one You are my speed you are my ecstasy Some call it love, I call it fantasy I call it torture, I call it pain 'Cause sweet thing when you're not with me I'm going insane
NO BORDERS NO OCEANS Nobody said it was gonna be easy And nobody said that it wouldn't get tough Some might say that my lyrics are cheesy Well better hold on suckers, it still hasn't got cheesy enough Oh how I hate to hear them say "Where is your heart there is your home" If that is true then mine's six thousand miles away I roam the streets of this town homeless and alone From the steepest hills of Pittsburgh or accross the USA You are now a little closer but you're still so far away Well sometimes your love seems just as worthless As being filthy fuckin' rich on a deserted island And I'm not your fuckin' dog to give you unconditioned love, and I never will be When you ask that from me it's making me scream, but you still stay silent Will you ride me up the incline to the Allegheny skies It's the closest thing to heaven when you look me in the eyes And I know I think I must have been blind I haven't seen it at first and I'm sorry Now I'm goin' out of my mind I'm so much in love with you and I'll Say it again and again! No borders, no oceans, no safety precautions Are gonna stop me from seeing my girl No oceans, no borders, no Donald Trump (FPÖ) supporters Are gonna keep me away from you
TEN-METER FENCE Everybody get the fuck out of my way I don't wanna wait not even one more day Get me a book that'll teach me how to read your code My heart's just like an H-bomb waiting to explode These days are tense, but it makes sense If you were on the other side I'd jump a ten-meter fence Your laser eyes burn black holes into my skin You seduced me to commit a deadly sin No drug compares to the way you make me feel If we don't see us tonight I'll just freak out and kill If you tell me that we're meant to be I'll go and dive for you into the deepest sea Oh Ay Gee you're the one that makes me wanna climb up the sky and scream aloud your name And lately our lives have been just maybes But I'm sure that we'll get well through to the end of the game The road's so dusty even breathing's hard Well baby we have known this from the very start Now everybody move your ass to the side 'Cause we're going for a trip, we're going for a ride And if you fall just give me a call And I will climb for you over the highest wall Oh Ay Gee you're the girl that shakes me So I look at the sky and I shout it out: “I'm in love” And maybe we're just being too crazy Still if we made it for eternity I don't think I'd ever have enough I'm in love! (I've) Not enough! I need love! (I've) Not enough!
BERLIN SURVIVAL Two seconds and I could have died Too high a price for one drunken ride Half meter and I could have been dead While there's so many things I still haven't said to you... One short moment could've changed everything Put an end to all suffering Put an end to all that's bad and good If I could choose do you think I would... do you? Do I take for granted all I have? Do I know how to cherish every moment? Or am I just diggin' my own grave by trying to party through this torment? I survived, I did I survived, I'm alive I survived, I did I survived Who would've noticed had I hit the ground Who would cry loud, who would not make a sound? Who would remember the things I did? Who would gossip me, who would not give a shit? Would you? Still shaking, thankful for my luck Now I don't really give a fuck I pinch myself, glad the pain is real 'Cause to be alive means to feel... Do you?


Humane Recordings release


released November 20, 2019

GO476910YB - vocals, guitar
AL479059SZ - bass, backing vocals
YO671959YB - drums, backing vocals

Recorded live at Ernst Kirchweger Haus, Vienna on 6th October 2019.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kirschgott.

All music and lyrics stolen and compiled by GO476910YB, except "Together" written by Sonny Vincent, "Teenage Kicks" by John O'Neill and "Kdo jsi" by Borek Fridrich & SMRT MLADÉHO SEBEVRAHA.

LZ logo: Vojtech Cejnek & GO476910YB


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Lidské Zdroje Brno, Czechia

Kuschelpunk Wien/Brno

"Sometimes Cheesy - Always Antifascist"


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